I started a project in late 2015 with Landfare based out of Columbus, Ohio. As time went on, it became increasingly apparent to me that they were incapable of performing the work they contracted to do at an acceptable level of quality. It was an incredibly disappointing and frustrating experience. Their attention to detail and attention to quality was very missing and they ended up doing their work again… and again… and again. Some work to this day they have never completed satisfactorily. This reminds me of an apocryphal quote that I’ll modify.

You can always count on Landfare to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.

A good contractor and a good contractor experience is not one where the contractor gets the job done right eventually with the client acting as the QA department and having to manage the project. A good contractor gets it done right the first time and makes it easy for the client to trust them. And if there is a mishap, a good contractor will proactively identify it and make it right. The client doesn’t need to goad as the contractor is accountable for the quality. A good contractor wants your future business as much as your current business.

Landfare consistently failed to maintain quality throughout the project and I had to take them to task repeatedly. To be blunt, they would do work, call it complete, walk away, and then I would have to call them out on their mistakes. They were not proactive in any sense. I don’t derive pleasure from having to take a contractor to task. They should be able to internally keep themselves accountable and produce a result for the client.

Landfare simply doesn’t get it and I don’t want anyone else to learn the very hard and expensive lesson I did. I do think at the end of the day the Landfare folks want to do a good job and maybe they have had some success. However, I don’t think they have the skills or know how to produce a quality end result with the size of company they are trying to be. Also, the owner, John, is simply unresponsive and seemingly checked out.

Maybe I am a crackpot with an axe to grind and you can dismiss me. However, do your homework. Landfare butchered a $200k project for me… are you willing to take the risk? Obviously they did me wrong enough that I am taking the time to set up this blog. Consider that for moment. Either I am a crackpot or they did someone very wrong. I am not a person with free time.

I’ll also post a few things I learned the hard way and give tips on how you can not be burned in the same manner.