Why doesn’t Landfare exist?

In retrospect, it is very curious to me that Landfare had no reviews or ratings on any website. This should have been a red flag for me and I have an hunch as to why they seem to not exist. In July of 2017 I realized there was little hope of Landfare completing my project satisfactorily and decided to write some reviews on the usual suspects to warn the public: Angie’s List, Houzz, Google, and a few others.

Wow! Talk about an immediate response. It takes John 48 days to respond (yes, simply respond) to a what he promised a customer, but say something negative online and you have his attention in a hurry. He had an email to me within 2 days telling me to take down my reviews. Then, John told me he was unwilling to talk to me about any sort of remedy until I took my reviews down.

Interestingly enough, they had zero reviews on Google when I posted my review. Suddenly, within a few weeks they have a bunch of positive reviews. That sure seems coincidental.

Here is my initial review from late July.  I posted it on July 22, 2017. Note the screenshot from July 24. Then, a new review appeared the next day in what I am guessing was a PR assist, that is, Landfare reached out to family and friends to write positive reviews for them to counter my review.

Today is September 11, 2017. Fascinating. Landfare has so many 5 star positive reviews all of a sudden:

Let’s look at a few other sites.

Houzz… nothing in 17 years.

BBB… nothing in 17 years. No reviews either good or bad. An A+ rating comes down to not having a complaint and the age of the business.  Based on how Landfare reacted to my negative review, I speculate that they have been proactive in whitewashing any negativity.

Angie’s List… nothing.

Yelp. A singular negative review.

Point being, don’t be fooled by the “ballot box” stuffing. Landfare had no online reviews positive or negative until I left a negative review and now it appears they are trying to whitewash. It is very suspicious that a company that has supposedly been in business for 17 years has no reviews… not one. They don’t exist. I wonder why?

EDIT 12/20/2017

I had forgotten that Landfare had stopped allowing reviews on their Facebook page until I took walk through some old screenshots I have. Talk about whitewashing… they will prevent you from rating them in public where they can. I posted a rating and subsequently they disable the public’s ability to do so on Facebook.

Proof my review existed:

And what folks see now:

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