Don’t tease me!

I was contacted today by an anonymous reader. They stated this blog was not surprising and have information they would like to share in time. I don’t know who you are, but I am soooo curious. Sounds like Landfare has won some other less than satisfied customers.

To make this post worthwhile, here is a nice article that echoes my experience with Landfare. 10 Things Your Contractor Won’t Tell You Landfare, not surprisingly, has a striking resemblance to many of the issues outline in this article.

This particular section hit very close to home.

10) If you pay me too much up front, I’ll leave before the job’s done — or rob you blind.

This was exactly my issue. I wasn’t following my draw requests well and paid too much too soon. John considered me paid in full and had no reason to want to deal with me any further. Heed my advice I talk about here. Keep careful watch on what you are paying and what you are paying for. DO NOT in any circumstance pay the contractor if the work is not 100% complete to your satisfaction. I paid too much too fast with Landfare as they would pull surprise draw requests. They would talk a good game on warranty and we’ll be back to fix it in a month and all sorts of things. Guess what? As soon as that check cashed, they made their finest Heisman impersonation.

Landfare Heisman pose

I ain’t gonna fumble… best to not have ever let me have the ball.

This also hit home especially in relation to Gerald.

2) I know you’re the one paying, but my loyalties lie with that grungy guy I just let into your house.

I am still working on my post about the patio. It was a complete and utter debacle. Landfare laid my patio 3 times using Gerald. 3 TIMES!!!! After the second time I had a very pointed discussion with Zach and John concerning “can Gerald get the result”? I can’t have the Bad News Bears out to waste another 3-4 months in my yard. John swore up and down that Gerald was the man. He’s a fourth generation mason after all and can really lay a great BBQ.

So what happens, they send Gerald out a third time and they screw up the work.

Attempt number 3. Straight lines are hard.

John played like he was done with Gerald, Gerald has a bad back, his sons actually did the work, [insert additional excuses] and Gerald really screwed Landfare over. Fast forward a few weeks and I hear from someone (Zach I think) that Gerald is still on other Landfare jobs. Apparently Gerald didn’t screw over Landfare that badly. They still have him on the job and could well be making a mess in your yard soon!

The last of the 10 I’ll talk about is…

5) Let’ talk trash. […] If contractor A goes through all the details of the work and then says “OK, let’s talk about trash and dust and working hours,” but contractor B doesn’t, it’s easy to say, “Maybe I’d better go with B … he wasn’t as negative. He left me with a better feeling,” Hovde said. “But maybe it would be better to go with A … instead of B,” who was just saying what you wanted to hear to get the job, he explained.

Landfare is contractor B. The contractor I have gutting and remodeling my house is contractor A. A Landfare quote and project as presented to the customer is similar to  “Go make a pool”. My current contractor itemizes EVERYTHING, tells me exactly what his mark up is so I know there is no padding, accounts for every nail and screw, sets up and manages meetings as necessary, draw requests are highly detailed and are scheduled so there are no surprises. A great contractor like the one I am currently using has a process, communicates the process clearly, and makes it easy for the client to participate in the process and achieve the result the client desires.

In any event, the Landfare detractors are coming out of the woodwork. Thanks for reaching out. Your anonymity is assured assuming you want to remain anonymous. I just want to get the truth out there and save other people from the pain an agony I went through.

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