Whatever happened to Blu Pools?

This is a very curious little piece of documentation I came across the other night: the April 2017 Columbus General Licensing Board of Review Meeting Minutes. I haven’t written about this much, but if you dig into the Blu LLC filings, you’ll see that the Blu LLC was seemingly dissolved in July 2017.

Considering the problems I had with Landfare/Blu and the fact they seemingly lost their pool honcho, I was always curious about this fact. I figured that Doug had just chosen to retire and they were shuffling ownership of the LLC somehow. However, this tidbit makes me really scratch my head if there is more to the story.

Here we see on April 5, 2017 Jonathan Spayde’s application for a license for swimming pools was denied!

The full minutes document can be found here.

So is Landfare/Blu installing pools without a license? More to come. I think I need to make a few calls downtown and see what I can find. This is especially curious as currently they are making a big deal about putting in a new pool over this past on their blog and Google.

Evidence of more shady dealings? Or are they using a sub? Let’s hope the latter as my pool was never right.


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